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Beosound 1 ( Photograph 2019 ) The Beosound 1 is designed in precision aluminum and does not look like any other wireless speaker. The compact tapered design and smooth, reflective surfaces easily fit into the interior and make any location perfect. Music is social, and thanks to our Acoustic Lens Technology you will experience an almost spherical sound that is both impressively powerful and detailed. No matter where you place the speaker system, it fills the entire room with great, warm and rich sound.

Carsten Beck Nielsen is a artist that creates geometric perspective in forms and shapes with a mathematicians attention to detail and quality. The ideas behind my work, is an espretion to the organic forms and shapes. My background into print making and photography gives me the options to see new perspective in art. The simple lines that’s create a new object fascinates me, and force me to think art in a new way though the simple lines.

From My Last Visit in Kunsten Museum Of Modern Art In Aalborg. The white marble building from 1972 was designed by the world-famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, who among other things was known for using the light actively in his room. You can experience the unique architecture and the many fine details of the building in the large perspective from the Sculpture Park and within. in the five exhibition halls.


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