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Carsten Beck New residence, Home and studio artist and photographer Carsten Beck Nielsen, moving in into a 170 sqm big old appartment in Aalborg, where he live and have his studio. I love the old touch and the historie behind the apartment, which gives me so much inspiration to my art works, thats take my creativity from the geometric perspective

Designer Carsten Nielsen started Bycdesign Studio in 2016, and works interdisciplinary in graphic design, illustration, styling and photography from the headquarters in Aalborg. Inspired by architecture, geometry and Nordic colors, he has made a number of prints based on simple shapes and lines sold through his website, which are now being converted into carpets in collaboration with Nordic Knots.   I'm fascinated by the simple lines that help create a new object, says Nielsen. - The idea behind my work is a tribute to organic shapes and figures, and the simple lines compel me to think of art in a new way.


(45) 61 79 92 65

Aalborg, 9000 Denmark